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Anarchists step up plans to launch industry attacks

THE MOST aggressive animal rights group in America is set to continue its promotion of eco-terrorism and violence.

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is stepping up its anarchist advice to AR activists both online and offline.

In a clear message, ALF opposes capitalism and defeats freedom of choice.

ALF’s Bite Back magazine has been churning out propaganda into the AR sector for years, encouraging arson attacks, vandalism and sabotage.

Acting as a forum for AR activists, the magazine encourages attacks on various fur and meat farms and supports a “whatever it takes” attitude.

Violent enough to upset children if they read it, the Bite Back magazine actively supports criminal activity by publishing prison letters and listing offences carried out by AR activists on a global scale.

“Behind The Bars” section of the magazine features “hero” stories from those who got jailed as a result of their outrageous violence acts.

Paul Holliday was sentenced to 18 months in prison for “making polite phone calls”, as he called it.

In an open letter to his supporters he wrote: “I would really like to thank you for your great support. When I was in prison 5 years ago for actions against Hellgrove Farm we received lots of support, but now the support is overwhelming and much more positive. People should be positive. “

“Obviously, I wasn’t happy about getting 18 months for making polite phone calls. Both Paul and I are appealing against our sentences and I haven’t a clue how long it takes.”

Paul LeBoutilier got a 5-year sentence for the similar cause. Same as Paul, he failed to claim responsibility for his actions.

He said:  “I find it unbelievable that I got a 5-year sentence for making phone calls to animal abusers.”

“It’s now 3 months since I came into prison and so far the time has passed quickly. I decided I was going to adopt “Jeffrey Archer” attitude and view imprisonment as a “life enhancing experience”.

“I have been fortunate that since arrival at HMP Hull I have received vegan meals and an additional vegan food packs. The standard of the meals have been variable. Some have been poor, particularly those involving the use of “vege mince” type products. I do not like vegan foods that the taste or texture of foods derived from murdered animals.”

These are just two out of many cases proudly listed on a “Direct Action Report” section of the magazine.

Since 2005, Bite Back has regularly published a list of actions carried out by activists on a global scale. According to the magazine on average AR extremists in America commit 554 acts of sabotage, vandalism and arson in just one year.

Now having expanded to its online audience, the magazine takes things even further, advising on how and where is best to commit crimes.

Starter Guide section provides extremist with all the necessary information on how to plug toilets, superglue things, throw paint and make paint balloons.

The Starter Guide reads: “You may someday find yourself inside a business that exploits animals and despite feeling an urgency to crap in an executive’s office, a visit to a bathroom is more appropriate.”

“Plugged toilets are a major annoyance. Sponges can be the perfect tool to make animal abusers call the plumber”.

While the FBI is reportedly aware of groups activity, they say nothing can be done against ALF, as action against it would breach the First Amendment protecting freedom of speech.

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