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What’s your beef? – Vegan gets money back after meat blunder but still wants more

A vegan who got his money back after being served beef instead of lentils is angry he hasn’t been offered more cash. 

Furious James Smith says the restaurant blunder meant he ate meat for the first time in five years which means he deserves better compensation.

He says he wants his money back not only for his meal but for his girlfriend’s vegetarian pizza as well as a vegetarian side dish because the experience ruined their night.

The sales accounts manager from Manchester, England, ordered a gluten-free lentil ragu costing £8.95 from chain restaurant Zizzi via home delivery app Deliveroo.

But when the order arrived he took a few mouthfuls and realised that it contained pulled beef instead of lentils. 

The restaurant had accidentally given him a beef bolognese instead of a lentil dish.

He complained and received an immediate apology and his money back but Mr Smith is still unhappy.

He has demanded a full refund of £28.90 for the entire meal which also included two portions of fried herby potatoes and a vegan margarita pizza to share with his girlfriend.

But the restaurant, which openly admitted its mistake, doesn’t look like budging believing Mr Smith has been already been fully compensated.

A Zizzi spokesman said: “The customer was compensated on the evening for his meal and I have asked our customer service manager to contact the customer today to reiterate our apologies.

“We have strict processes and procedures to try and ensure these incidences do not occur. 

“Unfortunately on this occasion the issue occurred due to genuine human error in the kitchen.

“We take these breaches extremely seriously and I have personally followed up with the restaurant team and the operations director to reinforce the need for accurate checking of all dishes that have dietary and allergen implications before they reach customers.”

The Italian restaurant chain has said a full investigation into the incident which happened on April 30 is now taking place.

Mr Smith added: “I just took a mouthful or two. I could smell the beef and taste it. 

“I have been vegan for five years, and my girlfriend as well for a few years.

“It upset us so much. We are quite chilled vegans.”

Mr Smith said he has been vegetarian for four years and more recently became vegan.

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