Vegan Mp Mark Pearson

“Plant-only diet” vegan MP exposed as hypocrite for feasting on oysters, snapper and sashimi

THE Animal Justice Party MP Mark Pearson sparked an outrage amongst animal rights activists after being caught eating oysters and snappers in the Sydney eatery.

A vegan MP, whose party calls for people to eat a plant-only diet, is reportedly a regular at the restaurant that serves dishes made from animal products.

According to the AJP website, all products delivered from animals as well as fish is incompatible with party’s advocacy of a plant-based diet.

He said: “There was some fish on one of the dishes and I had a bit of it ‘

“I strayed for that moment; for that morsel. It’s all over. I think the people in the party have forgiven me and now we have to get on and do the work for animals.”

A vegan who works at the restaurant where Mr Pearson is spotted on a regular basis claims that not only Person does not follow its own policy but also agitates others to join his “animal-friendly” meal.

He said: ‘So the lead spokesman for the Animal Justice Party in the Government comes into my work regularly.’

‘I work in a Japanese restaurant. Last night they ordered oysters and snapper fish. And they promote a plant-based diet on their page, are so passionate about animal rights and the abolishment of everything cruel to do with it in Australia.’

He later added: ‘Last few times he’s ordered sashimi. I asked him about how to join the AJP as well.’

‘I follow his page and support his posts and the AJP completely. It was really upsetting to find out how much of a traitor he is to these poor fish.”

In his defence Mr Pearson said that he was not solely “elected by the vegan community” and said that his party supports different lifestyles.

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