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Bacteria from vegan poo has better healing properties than normal poo, Peta has claimed./ Business Insider

Something stinks – PETA claims healing bacteria found in vegan poo is better than the rest

BACTERIA from vegan poo has better healing properties than normal poo, Peta has claimed.

But experts immediately flushed the bizarre claim down the toilet saying Peta’ latest pronouncement is a tissue of lies.

It is thought that good bacteria found in excrement can help people with gastrointestinal problems.

But there is no evidence vegan poo is better said scientists behind new research.

Two stool banks in America are collecting and analysing faeces in order to turn it into possible future treatments.

When Peta heard about the research it called on vegans to donate,

A Peta statement claimed: “Even vegan poop can make the world a better place, and if you’re vegan, PETA wants you to donate yours to someone who may greatly benefit from that gift.

“Once people beat their serious stomach complaints and experience the health and mood benefits of vegan stool, they’ll surely want to go vegan themselves.”

But one of the companies collecting samples issued it own statement refuting Peta’s claim.

A spokesman for OpenBiome said its own research does not indicate vegan faeces are any better than anyone else’s.

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