AR activists lose battle after fast food chain turns a “deaf ear” and ignores them

ANIMAL RIGHTS activists failed in their attempt to attack the top fast food chain Domino’s Pizza.

After continuously pressuring the restaurant to adopt stricter animal welfare policies, such as cage-free eggs and gestation stall-free pork, activists were politely told to leave farmers alone.

Labelled as “unreasonable people” and “out of their minds”, animal right activists faced a strong opposition from Dominos Pizza restaurant manager in Michigan, US.

Domino’s spokesperson Tim Mclntyre said: “Even though the “extremists”, have pushed hard, Domino’s will not cave.”

“We will never tell a farmer how to farm. We will never tell a rancher how to raise his or her animals”.

“What we believe is they’re the experts. They have the most vested interest in raising their livestock. It’s not just a job, we recognize that. It’s a life and we appreciate that—and we’re not afraid to stand up and say it.”

“Farmers know it best”.

Mr Mclntyre also said that the company’s philosophy is simple and does not tolerate any nonsense from AR groups.

He added: “The best answer to AR activists is to be deaf. To not hear them, to not respond, to not give them a platform.

“The biggest mistake we make is believing that they are reasonable people. We’ve learned they’re not. That’s why they’re called extremists.”

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