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Animal shelter pictures raise serious concerns over treatment by activists

A SHOCKING series of images have been posted online showing pet dogs being abused in animal shelters.

The startling images show starving and unhealthy animals living in filthy conditions.

Dog lovers will be alarmed by the pictures because shelters are meant to be safe havens for abused and rescued pets.

The images pose serious questions about how well animal rights activists, who often run shelters, are caring for animals.

For some animals life in a dirty, overcrowded cage could be worse than being left to roam free.


With little or no information on the location of the shelters in the pictures it impossible allay blame and the pictures should therefore be treated with a degree of caution.

But there was still serious concern online that badly run shelters like those pictured may do more harm than good.


One post read:

“Animal shelters are such important organisations to fill in the gaps that we, as humans, let animals fall into.
“That is why it is so shocking that some of the very organisations that we trust to clean up the mess that we have left behind with pet overpopulation are sometimes the animal’s own worst enemies.
“If there is anything to be learned from these shocking pictures it is that we need to be careful which charities we support and what is the true nature of the organisations that we choose to share on our Facebook pages so that we aren’t doing animals harm when we are trying to do them good.”


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