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Many celebrities nowadays go vegan in hope of attracting extra publicity. Exhibit A - American comedian Ellen De Generes./Picture source:Youtube

The Freedom Correspondent: Leave my salad alone, It has feelings too!

Many celebrities nowadays go vegan in hope of attracting extra publicity. Exhibit A – American comedian Ellen De Generes.

Ellen widely advertised herself as a devoted vegan who does not eat any meat, cheese, eggs etc. and does not use animal materials like wool or fatefully… leather. She even promoted the vegan lifestyle on her own website called “Going Vegan with Ellen”.

Now, who among you knew she has recently launched a footwear line, including an expensive range of leather boots? What hypocrisy!

But she was already guilty of a far greater hypocrisy. Her evil abuse of plants.

All of us grew up eating plants (if reluctantly), tramping around outdoors into forests and gardens and generally being encouraged to be around plants. As kids some of us were bought our beloved “seedlings” at garden supply centres and watched them wither as we forgot to water them.

None of us ever has considered the impact of these actions on the plants involved. As we walk across the park lawn did we ever ask ourselves: “Am I literally treading on plant’s rights?”

In the world of veganism, where animal rights activists bristle at the mention of animals, I think it’s fair that we mention that plants have feelings too.

Back in 2009, The New York Times published an article headlining it “ Sorry, Vegans: Brussels Sprouts Like to Live, Too.” The author completely destroyed the concept of veganism likening it to a state of utter futility.

His argument was simple- plants want to live as much as any living creature does. Or in other words, if we are destined to kill, how do we draw a sensible line between what we are killing and what is off limits?

The salad we have for lunch may have the same feelings as our chicken sandwich. One professor at the University in Columbia has spent four decades investigating plant science.

He argues that plants like animals, fight for territory, seek out food, evade predators and trap prey.

Clearly plants are as alive as any animal and are aware of what’s going around them…

I should probably also mention that some plants are carnivorous. Yes, this means that without worrying about arresting a lion for murdering an antelope some cute looking flowers are themselves ”murderers” like you or I.

PETA need to start protesting the venus fly trap.

Plants are living things. In fact, from the perspective of biology, they consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen so help the environment more than the animals.

A few years ago the Swiss added to their national constitution a provision requiring “account to be taken of the dignity of creation when handling animals, plants and other organisms.” The panel determined that we can no longer claim absolute ownership over plants because they are alive.

Seems a little extreme to me, but what is clear, however, is that we as a population lost our ability to think critically and distinguish serious ethical concerns from attention seeking propaganda.

Lets imagine that from an ethical point of view that eating plants is no better or worse than eating animals. Both are alive, both have feelings.

Meat eaters, bear the responsibility for inflicting pain and misery upon livestock (we are told), but vegans are as much guilty for consuming innocent fruits, vegetables, nuts or seeds. It’s time we recognise- “Plants have feelings too!”

Or we could abandon the whole thing and get some dinner. Plants and animals both on the plate in perfect harmony.

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