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The Freedom Correspondent: Fur-free Gucci- a new trend or a disaster?

You don’t have to be a fashionista to know- things change pretty fast in fashion.

If you were lucky enough to cast an eye over the catwalk images of Gucci’s SS18 collection shown at Milan fashion week this September, you would never have guessed that just a month later the Italian fashion house would pledge to go fur-free.

All fur lovers would remember iconic Gucci full mink coats, jacquard cardigans with fur-trimmed collar, white fur sleeves and colourful fox-fur pompoms.

Gucci S/S18. Picture source: nss magazine

In other words, if you adored fur, then you would have been offered plenty of options.

But just a few days ago this freedom of choice was taken away from Gucci’s consumers. It’s President and CEO Marco Bizzari announced that the label would be replacing real fur with fake plastic materials, starting from the SS18 collection’s arrival in shops.

It is crazy to think, that this is coming from one of the most storied fashion houses in the world for which using fur has long been second nature.

Personally, I feel a little disappointed for Italian women who are well known for proudly wearing fur all year round. Will they now have to stick to synthetic, environmentally-damaging alternatives? Surely if they had a freedom to choose they would have never chosen fake fur.

As someone who strongly believes in consumer freedom, I would be the last person to prevent a business or individual from making up their own mind about fur. But isn’t it obvious that fur was amongst the most successful materials Gucci designers have used in recent seasons?

What about Alessandro Michele’s eccentric, vintage-influenced mink coat? Surely that was and still is a vital wardrobe essential?

Lets not forget Gucci loafers. First lined with kangaroo fur, they are now made out of lambskin and mink fur too.

Picture source: Pinterest


I find it surprising that just one person can dictate a fur-free fashion future for generations to come.

I am talking about the same person who just a few months ago was praising fur- Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director.

While it’s now his freedom of choice to show the brand’s commitment to ‘sustainability’, he shouldn’t misguide people.

How many of us would willingly want to spend a fortune on petrol-based fake plastic fur, which is extremely harmful to the environment, isn’t biodegradable and negatively impacts wildlife thanks to the petroleum and plastics used to produce it?

I’m pretty sure a lot of people would say no to it. But do they have a choice now? I guess the only choice many are facing is either to go Gucci-free or not.

It is definitely not the type of behaviour to appeal to freedom-loving millennials. Fashion is all about the choice. Real fur or fake fur, Gucci should have let its customers decide. After all, don’t they come first?

Come on Gucci, does your fur-free policy mean people will only be able to buy fur products at the auctions, with proceeds going to Humane Society International that prosecutes attention-seeking PR campaigns rather than spending money on saving animals?

If you feel that confident in your decision to donate money for a “good cause”, surely you should let people know the truth behind most animal rights organisations… For example the US brand of the Humane Society (kw).

How many of you knew that HSUS has already over $50 million sitting in Caribbean banks, according to its tax return?

Well it’s the stone-cold truth and with the help of Gucci it will get even more.

Also, if buying fur is as unethical as Gucci seems to think, one wonders who they expect to bid on it?

The truth is no designer should be taken away an opportunity to work with fur. Also, no customer should be restricted from buying fur.

After all, fur garments can be kept for decades and are completely biodegradable. This material is a true masterpiece…

Gucci- let people make their own choices. Once and for all.

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