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Activists plot to trigger violent clashes, claim cattle bosses

LIVESTOCK producers have been warned that activists are trying to lure them into violent clashes.
They want to capture the confrontations on video to attract media coverage, it is thought.

The warning comes after activists were spotted lurking at several livestock locations in Nebraska, USA.
Initially it was thought they were trying to capture dead livestock on film.

But it is thought they also want to be seen in the hope they will be confronted by producers trying to protect their animals and property.

A spokesman for the Nebraska Cattlemen’s  Association warned members:

“The activists are likely trying to record a confrontation with a producer.
“Instead, immediately call local law enforcement.
“If you see an activist on or near your property, do NOT confront them.”

The warning was issued after a dark coloured pick up truck was spotted driving around a feedlot in Clay County.

This same vehicle was also reported being seen near a Custer County feedlot.
The Association also said it received reports from members that activists were flying drones over feedlots at the same locations.
It is thought the activists were from the group known as SHARK which stands for Showing Animals Respect and Kindness.
Nebraska Cattlemen officials are now working working with Clay County Sheriff department and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association to look at  the legal implications of their activities.

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