Greyhound bosses have accused the RSPCA of morphing into animal rights activists./ Picture source:

Greyhound bosses take aim at RSPCA for “morphing” into activists

GREYHOUND bosses have accused the RSPCA of morphing into animal rights activists.

The charity has always been seen as a regulator but is now facing claims it has lost its way.

A Victorian parliamentary committee in the state of Victoria, Australia, is looking into the RSPCA’s use of its powers and funding provided by the government.

Submissions by farming and greyhound groups say it now needs to stop its activism and concentrate on its role as a regulator.

“The RSPCA has effectively lost its way and has morphed into another animal rights group,” National Greyhound Racing United said in it’s submission.

“Animals don’t need rights, they need good care.”

The NGRU took aim at the RSPCA for speaking out about the greyhound industry, horse racing and battery hens, saying they were attacking “legal animal related activities and industries”.

The group says the RSCPA’s relationship with activist group Animals Australia was a “number one concern” from its members.

This view was backed up by the Victorian Farmers Federation who said the organisation shouldn’t be campaigning for an end to live beef exports or duck hunting, which are “perfectly legal activities”.

It said it had has concerns about an “activist group undertaking official government business with powers comparable to those of the police”.

“Campaigning against the legal actions of those that the same body is responsible for regulating would appear to be a conflict of interest,” The VFF said in its submission.

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