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Peta wants plucking goose feathers to be banned./ Picture source: Glassdoor

Plucking hell…..activists feathers ruffled over down-stuffed duvets

Peta wants plucking goose feathers to be banned.

The latest whacky request emerged at a protest outside a bed store.

The claim plucking feathers from geese is cruel and activists gathered outside Los Angeles store Bed, Bath & Beyond to make their point.

Onlookers simply chuckled as an activist dressed as a plucked goose urged shoppers to boycott the store.

But they were generally ignored as a steady stream of shoppers emerged from the store with duvets and other bedroom items.

One said: “So long as the geese are looked after properly I don’t have a problem.

“I think most people feel the same way.

“Peta is just going too far now – have they no respect for other people’s opinions and rights?”

Duvets are made with down from goose feathers.

Peta executive vice president Tracy Reiman said: “Peta is calling on Bed Bath & Beyond to remove products filled with the feathers of battered birds from its shelves and to go 100 percent down-free.”

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