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PETA turkey nonsense

AMERICANS mocked animal rights extremists PETA after they tweeted a pro-vegetarian message from all turkeys of America to thank the vegan community for saving their necks.

Despite PETA’s best efforts to make the population choose something other than turkey for Thanksgiving, some Americans were horrified at the prospects of having to replace their traditional holiday meal.

It was hard for some to understand the concept of a turkey-less Thanksgiving, so people raised their concerns over the twitter feed.

One twitter user said:

I’m thankful for having them on my plate. They should be thankful I chose to eat them.

Another person tried to get a cooking advice from PETA:

Is this how you cook it (turkey)?

For some, these bizarre campaigns from PETA doesn’t come at a shock anymore.

After PETA activists recently tried to fool people into drinking dogs milk, or paying “celebrities” to go naked rather than wear fur, people are getting more and more used to the animal rights propaganda.

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