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Peta has targeted a top travel company for offering tickets to SeaWorld. / Picture Sorce: The Telegraph

Peta target travel giant Thomas Cook for selling SeaWorld tickets

Peta has targeted a top travel company for offering tickets to SeaWorld.

Staff at travel agents Thomas Cook were shocked when activists dressed up as killer whales appeared outside their offices.

Bemused shoppers looked on as two PETA protestors dressed up in Orca costumes for the stunt outside the Thomas Cook branch in Church Street, Liverpool, UK.

The travel agent said it carried out thorough checks on all animal excursions and the Peta attack was unjustified.

A spokesman said: “We are the first organisation to remove animal excursions from sale as the direct result of auditing against independent welfare standards, so it’s disappointing that PETA have chosen to target us in this way.

“We will continue our work to raise standards at the animal-related excursions that we offer, so that our customers can be confident in all of the trips that they take with us on holiday.”

Activists held up signs proclaiming: “Thomas Cook: Stop Supporting Orca Slavery”.

PETA director Elisa Allen said: “PETA is calling on Thomas Cook to join STA Travel and Responsible Travel in rejecting SeaWorld’s orca prisons, where intelligent marine mammals have no choice but to swim in endless circles around tiny concrete tanks.”

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