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PETA founder Alex Pacheco condemned by scientists after his charity’s bizarre claim of launching “dog neutering pill”

PETA co-founder Alex Pacheco has been condemned for claiming he has found a miracle drug that can neuter dogs.

Pacheco has raised more than $1million for his charity 600 Million Stray Dogs, which made the bizarre claims on its website.

But donors who handed the charity their hard earned cash will be dismayed to learn that scientists have rubbished his claims.

He makes the bizarre claims on his charity website saying the “Spay and Neuter Cookies” are being designed to be species and gender specific.

Alex Pacheco states:

Welcome to a bold science based project to end the overpopulation of homeless pets
– by developing Spay and Neuter Cookies.

“Once completed, the cookies will be capable of spaying and neutering
– without surgery.

“Yes, we’re on track to being able to use food instead of surgery.

“The Spay and Neuter Cookies are being designed to be species and gender specific.

“Dog cookies will only work on dogs, cat cookies will only work on cats, spay cookies will only spay females, neuter cookies will only neuter males.

“Better yet, they are being engineered so that they will only need to be eaten one time.

“That’s right. One time.

“The ingredients are safe – many of us have eaten them ourselves – and the landmark clinical trials have begun.

After his hyper sales pitch, Pacheco then comes to the point and launches into his cash and recruitment drive.

He says: “This is a large project and help is needed.

“You can help by becoming a member and sharing this exciting project with others.

“Imagine spaying and neutering homeless pets by simply allowing them to eat a cookie.

“Join us!

“The ingredients are safe – many of us have eaten them ourselves – and the landmark clinical trials have begun.

From 2009-10, Pacheco’s dog charity worked with the Arizona-based contraceptive research firm SenesTech, developer of an experimental rodent control product called ChemSpay.

But Joyce Briggs, president of the Alliance for Contraception of Cats & Dogs, in Portland, USA, revealed that Pacheco’s links with SenesTech have been abruptly severed.

She said: “SenesTech notified ACC&D that they have severed ties with ‘600 Million Stray Dogs Need You’ and its founder, Alex Pacheco, and that neither ‘600 Million’ nor Mr. Pacheco have any claim, right, title, license or interest in our ChemSpay product or any other [SenesTech] product.

She also expressed her concerns about the unfounded statements being made by “600 Million” charity about the effectiveness and safety of ChemSpay.

Dr Briggs added: “The treatment was being presented as proven and ready to be submitted for regulatory approval, but no data was presented to support those claims.

Former Procter & Gamble toxicologist Mark Lafranconi, who managed their $300 million program to develop alternatives to animal testing, said:

“I have polled across our organisation and the unanimous conclusion is this type of initiative would never receive approval.”

Linda Rhodes, former vice president for clinical development at AlcheraBio LLC, of Metuchen, New Jersey said:

I would say that there is no chance that the government will approve a substance to be given to feral animals using a bait, flavoured substance or food, by lay people, given what we know about the science today.

“In order to not impact people, especially children, or other wildlife, such a substance would have to be completely species-specific. For example, a drug that could only be effective in cats and no other birds or mammals. Given today’s science, there is no drug or substance that I can think of that has that level of species specificity.

Alex Pacheco is a lifelong animal rights activist who co- founded PETA in 1980. Since then it has been dogged by controversy.

He left PETA in 2000 and since then it has gone on to launch many controversial campaigns, such as:

“Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign (2004), which compared animals in slaughterhouses and factory farms with images of Jews in Nazi concentration camps.

Animals All People are Nazis, Animal Rights Activists

Their activity is still shocking to many people. Only a few weeks ago PETA launched an outrageous campaign comparing livestock to rape victims, which sparked a lot of anger among Internet users.

Pacheco served as a spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front, a terrorist group according to the FBI, and has been subpoenaed in connection to ALF activities.

In college, Pacheco joined the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, fleeing Portugal after his ship rammed another. A US federal court has called the Sea Shepherds a pirate organisation.

Pacheco made his way to London, where he worked with ALF founder Ronnie Lee, before heading back to the US and co-founding PETA.

He is widely known promoting violence. In one of his statements he stated:

Arson, property destruction, burglary, and theft are ‘acceptable crimes’ when used for the animal cause.

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