The naked truth – we’ve seen it all before PETA!

PETA attacks Cochon55 bacon festival

THE 67-year-old co-founder of PETA has stripped naked to be pictured with dead pigs in the organisation’s latest bid to shock.

It is the second time Ingrid Newkirk has stripped off to grab attention but the anti-bacon stunt has been labelled “tired” and “distasteful”.

Newkirk, who is old enough to be a pensioner, has been accused of resorting to juvenile and dated tactics, which could even upset children if they see the grim images.

She can be seen in a billboard campaign in America hanging alongside four dead pigs in a slaughterhouse with the words “We are the same” barely covering her modesty.

Newkirk, who encourages young people to strip off to protest against animal abuse, first tried to shock the public in 2005 by lying naked in a coffin in the Times Square, New York in a anti-fur protest.

But her latest stunt was seen as out of step by some pedestrians in Chicago, who said the street corner imagery was inappropriate.

One said:

“Did she consider how upsetting seeing those dead animals would be for small children when she dreamed this up?

“Personally it looks dated and tired – the type of thing we may have expected from these people 20 years ago.

“Personally I also find it distasteful and I don’t want to see it on the street corner.”

Her antics also provoked sarcasm on Twitter.

SteamRuler said:

“I just want to see Ingrid Newkirk naked. Always had a thing for older dames. And hey, if it saves an animal…

Ana Witaszczyk tweeted:

“Hey @peta, your continued exploitative use of naked women makes me want to eat more meat.”

The aim of her campaign is to end bacon consumption and the associated slaughter of what she calls a sensitive animal.

Robert McKeown, Communications Director for the bacon festival Cochon555, which takes place in Chicago, said the livestock industry treated animal humanely and followed animal welfare standards.

He said:

“Cochon555 believes in the choice of the consumer and in educating individuals so they can make choices in the most informed way possible.

“Cochon555 fully supports the right of any person to choose not to eat meat, but we also ask others to respect the rights of consumers who choose to enjoy safe, honest meats that have been raised with purpose and passion by family farmers.”

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