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PETA to carry on killing pets

PETA will be allowed to continue its programme of killing pets after being given the go-ahead from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
PETA already kills hundreds of animals every year, including family pets, which PETA argues are unethical.

The law requires “private shelters” to operate for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes for animals.

Despite its reputation for killing animals, PETA is licensed by the State as a private shelter. This authority allows the organization to legally acquire the drugs its employees use to poison thousands of animals every year.

VDACS has withdrawn its initial draft of requiring  “private shelters” to maintain a minimum 50% live release rate, which is in fact below the national average.

PETA slaughtered 1,411 dogs and cats in 2016.

The new legislation is proposing that a “private shelter” should only have the following responsibilities:

1.     To utilise foster care, or be accessible to the public.
2.     To advertise to the general public animals that are available for adoption.
3.     To transfer offer services to the public to keep animals in their homes.

PETA caused public outrage in 2014 when they stole and killed Maya, a healthy Chihuahua, from her loving home.

In the latest twist to this saga, a former employee has filed affidavits where she states that PETA employees killed animals by injecting them with a powerful sedative while en route to the pet shelters.

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