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PETA has been accused of racism after targeting Detroit - one of America’s most ethnically diverse cities./Picture source: Northwestern Lehigh Observer

Peta accused of being racist in its latest poster campaign

PETA has been accused of racism after targeting Detroit – one of America’s most ethnically diverse cities.

Its “go-vegan” campaign in the city shows a black fist clutching a bunch of carrots next to the words “Peace in Our Lunchtime!”

And “Choose Peace. Choose Vegan.”

Peta claims that being vegan will help cut crime.

But the message backfired badly in Motor City which has one of the highest crime rates in America and is 83 per cent black.

Leading political figures in the city reacted with fury.

They claim PETA’s campaign is openly racist.

Sam Riddle, who works as a political director of the Michigan National Action Network, said:  “Detroit may be America’s fattest and most violent city, but to attribute that to us not eating our veggies is racist.

“If PETA wants Detroit to improve our diet, PETA must address the historic roots of why we eat like we eat.

“PETA would rather have us growing some carrots instead of growing jobs and good schools to combat crime and poverty.”

Riddle blasted PETA, calling it racist for picking on Detroit’s eating habits and crime problem, and suggesting that a vegan diet can fix Detroit’s problems.

Riddle added that PETA had failed to recognise that Detroit is one of the poorest and most segregated cities in the U.S., which, he said, explains the Detroiter’s unhealthy diet.

PETA launched its billboard campaign shortly after newly released FBI data listed Detroit as the most violent city in America.

A PETA spokesman said:  “We live by the principle of nonviolence, and since our inception, we have opposed all discrimination—but sadly, some of those who appeal for understanding are not always understanding themselves.”

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