Angry PETA scores three spectacular own goals in one week

The animal rights activists stepped in to try to cancel the annual tradition in Truro.

But organisers of event, which is enjoyed by thousands of children and raises much need cash for charity, have refused to bow down to the demands.

PETA Senior Campaign Coordinator Kirsty Henderson fired off a letter to the president of the Wells Rotary Club demanding he cancel plans to use live reindeer in the Christmas celebrations.

She said: “Animals are not ours to use for entertainment.

“These beautiful animals belong in the Arctic and subarctic regions of the world.

“When used as holiday “props”, they’re denied the opportunity to engage in natural behaviour or roam freely over vast open ranges as they would in their native circumpolar habitat.

“Using live animals in these sorts of events sends a damaging message to young people that animals are little more than living props

“There are many other ways that the people of Wells could celebrate the holidays that would be far more in keeping with the Christmas spirit than treating scared animals like decorations.

“We don’t want our kids to grow up thinking that live animals exist merely for our entertainment.

“Ending the use of reindeer and other animals would do nothing to diminish children’s sense of the magic of the holiday season. For these animals, though, it would make a world of difference.”

But event organiser Pam Moss said the local community won’t be cancelling the reindeer parade as the money raised goes to support local charities and to pay for the deer’s free roaming lifestyle.

Ms Moss said: “While there are other captive herds in the UK, the Cairngorm reindeer are the only ones that free-range on the mountains out in their natural habitat and in no way are their owners ‘inexperienced’.

“By taking part in Christmas festivities, they are earning the income needed to continue supporting their free roaming lifestyle, as without the lease on the thousands of acres they graze on they would have to be kept captive.”

PETA’s attempts to score PR points by wading into another row also spectacularly backfired this week.

PETA condemned the new £5 note for containing tallow – without realising thousands of everyday items also contain the harmless animal fat.

Vegans tried to launch a twitter storm when the Bank of England revealed the tallow content this week.

And PETA tried to jump on the bandwagon issuing a bizarre statement soon after, linking the banknote to greenhouse gas emissions, cruelty and violence.

But their ill-thought out PR plan backfired when members of the public rushed onto Twitter to point out the madness of PETA’s claims.

Elisa Allen, director, PETA UK, said: “Money doesn’t grow on trees – and neither does tallow.

“When you consider that beef tallow is a co-product of a cruel and violent industry that kills millions of cows every year and is one of largest producers of greenhouse-gas emissions in the world, the decision to use animal fat in our currency truly doesn’t make cents.”

The notes have many advantages over the old ones, such as being waterproof and a lot stronger.

And the PETA statement forgot to mention a huge list of everyday items which also contain tallow and other animal derived ingredients

Examples include beer, plastic bags, condoms, fireworks, nail polishes, candles, toothpastes, perfume, tyres, deodorant, soap and even computers.

With more than 40,000 vegetarians and vegans signing a petition demanding the five pounds note being removed from circulation, Twitter was swamped by angry animal rights activists.

But non-vegetarians were quick to oppose the claims. One tweeted:

“Seriously vegies are refusing to use the five pound note because it has tallow in it? Better stop driving cars.”

Another said: “On behalf of meat lovers everywhere I’m starting a petition for more animal fat in the new five pound note.”

The bizarre five pound note campaign was just one of a series of spectacular PR failures by PETA this week.

The third failed PETA campaign was called “Farmhouse Milk”. It left Londoners in a state of a shock after they were tricked into thinking that a liquid they were drinking was dog’s milk.

The “campaign” was launched to try to force people to stop drinking milk.

They used the slogan, “Dogs’ milk, cats’ milk, rats’ milk, cows’ milk – what’s the difference?”- and offered people free samples of “new milk”.

When getting a feedback from people on the new milk type, PETA activists conned them into believing they had just swallowed dog’s milk.

That caused a range of various reactions from the horrified audience.

While some people swore, others began to shout and swear.

One yelled: “F**k me!“.

Other revolted passers-by said: “Why did you give me dog’s milk”? “You should have said that first!”. “Shame!”.

“Would you ever drink that madness?”. “It’s disgusting!”

PETA Director Elisa Allen tried to excuse the stunt by offering her philosophy: “When it comes to drinking milk past breast-feeding age, plant-based is best.”

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