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Andre was vegan and anti-fur. Now he sells fur for a living

A few years ago Andre Cavaco used to be a vegan and completely anti-fur. Now he designs and sells fur for a living.

Inspired by the media and PETA’s famous PR stunt “I’d Rather be Naked than Wear Fur” he was conned into thinking that animal welfare was not something that the fur trade cared about.

It all changed for Andre when he first got to feel the texture of fur. Ever since, he has described himself as a big fur lover. He actively runs a few social media profiles dedicated to fur fashion and tries to get himself involved into the business of fur. Watched by millions worldwide, it is safe to say he advocates fur in the best way possible.

He wants to inspire people and use his personal experience to change perceptions.

 Why did you become pro-fur?

–  It had a lot to do with the texture of fur. After feeling fur for the first time I fell in love with it. I remember lying down on a fur bed cover and it was the most incredible moment. I know it wouldn’t have happened if my aunt wasn’t a fur lover.

What made you change your mind?

– I admit that it was an internal struggle. I had to choose between fur and animals that I loved and cherished. I was vegan at the time, and animal welfare was very important to me, but I almost felt intoxicated by the feeling of fur.

It wasn’t a rational decision to become a fur lover. At the end of the day, I believe that when you truly love something you don’t need to explain it, and that is what happened to me with fur. There is no logic behind it. I just love it!

What do you disagree with when it comes to antis?

-I disagree with how they treat people, the way they don’t respect one’s freedom of choice and also the way they treat animals.

Fur animals are bred for a reason, otherwise they would not exist. I don’t see anything wrong with that, nor do I understand why antis are so aggressive towards animal farming.

Why did you become disheartened with anti-fur arguments?

-Like I said before, it wasn’t a rational decision. I felt that anti -fur arguments alongside animal rights propaganda didn’t make sense to me anymore. I felt that the AR propaganda couldn’t influence me anymore.

Why did you use to be an anti?

-I was influenced by the society. Everyone around me was an anti, so I got peer-pressured into it myself. I always had pets at home and the thought of them being turned into coats made me sick. I think it was the media that had the biggest impact on me. I was going through the adolescent period when the TV show “Top Models” did “I’d rather be naked than wear fur” campaign. Media all of a sudden started talking about the cruelty of fur.
Why in your opinion anti’s are wrong?

Most of antis use propaganda videos to turn people against fur.  If we look at the Chinese fur farm videos, we automatically think they treat animals inhumanely (but no one mentions child labour and low pay in third world countries). People don’t understand how well animals should be looked after for them to have great skins.

Surely, there are farms that don’t treat animals in a proper way, but that is rather an exception.

Antis always threaten me and say that they want to skin me alive (that by the way is a myth, as animals are not skinned alive in a regulated fur trade). Animal rights activists are by far more barbaric than the worst fur farms.

I believe we should keep improving fur farm regulations and continue with the fur farming business. Above all, what matters is the quality of fur and the quality of animal life.

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