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GRAPHIC images of a woman being "skinned alive" have caused fury in America./ Picture source:

Peta skinned alive poster causes fury

GRAPHIC images of a woman being “skinned alive” have caused fury in America.

PETA’s latest bid to shock features a poster of the R&B star DAWN naked with her her skin apparently being torn off.

The poster reads  “Leather Is a Rip-Off. That Leather Jacket or Upholstery Was Someone’s Skin.”

The billboard was rejected in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New Orleans for being too disturbing and upsetting.

Detroit gave the poster the go-ahead but the decision backfired badly across social media.

Twitter user JT DeGasperis said: “Isn’t that always their MO, to go too far?”

Bringon TheCoins added: “So black skin is made of leather? Seems racist to me. Take it down.”

Donna Pratt- Owens said: “Inappropriate for young children riding by in cars. I don’t want to see a model’s rear end when traveling, either. There are classier ways to relay the message.”

Matthew Cooper said: “Leather is the skin of an animal. Using an African-American to depict leather is therefore implying that African-Americans are animals. Extremely racist and inappropriate.”

The billboard which is being displayed in Detroit for a month is already causing distress to locals.

Some people walking by the billboard say the graphic and nude image is distasteful.

Stephen Sothmann, president of the U.S. Hide, Skin and Leather Association said: “While the billboard is meant to shock consumers, PETA’s underlying message is just plain incorrect.

“Animal hides and skins are by products of the meat industry that have been recycled and turned into leather after the animals have been properly processed under the supervision of government inspectors.

“Despite what PETA wants you to believe, the animals are unconscious when the hide or skin is removed.”

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