Fur trade wants a say in animal welfare

THE fur trade is hoping to claim a seat on the European Commission’s new animal welfare body.

Fur Europe, which represents fur producers on the continent, wants to ensure best practices are observed.

Many other European associations and NGOs are now waiting to see if they have obtained a seat on the European Commission’s upcoming European Animal Welfare Platform.

The aim of the platform is to exchange information, knowledge and best practices in the interests of animal welfare.

Over the next three years European fur sector will implement its animal welfare assessment programme WelFur on almost 4,000 European mink and fox farms. 

It wants to share the knowledge obtained from the programme with Animal Welfare Platform.

Mette Lykke Nielsen, CEO of Fur Europe, said:

“We will be pleased if we are offered a seat in the Animal Welfare Platform.

“In turn it is our hope that the Animal Welfare Platform will provide a much needed perspective on the general animal welfare debate in the public which tends to become increasingly polarised.

“Animal welfare is immensely complex, species-specific, and on top of that the public debate suffers from being framed by the different ethical values that lies underneath the debate.”

The Animal Welfare Platform will help to improve and better inform the public debate over the issue.

Professor Donald Broom from the Department of Veterinary Medicine At Cambridge University recently produced a report on animal welfare in the European Union in which he said animal welfare legislation should be based on scientific knowledge.

Mr Nielsen added:

“Improving animal welfare is not the same as reducing animal consumption, and whether Fur Europe becomes a part of the Animal Welfare Platform or not, we applaud the European Animal Welfare Platform’s objective to address the issue of animal welfare in a way where scientific research is allowed to fulfil its role.

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