Activists covered in fake blood and wielding fake knives terrorised children during a restaurant protest./ Picture source: brookfieldnow

Children terrified by knife-wielding activists in horrifying restaurant protest

ACTIVISTS covered in fake blood and wielding fake knives terrorised children during a restaurant protest.

Video footage showed protestors wearing animal masks and covered in blood storm the diner.

One of them is clutching a fake butcher’s knife and horrified parents can be seen shielding their children as the frightening protest unfolded.

The protestors swarmed into the Florida Chick-fil-A restaurant in Pinellas Park, Florida, during a promotion which offered customers free food if they dressed like cows.

The restaurant was packed with children. 

Angry customers desperately pulled their children away from the protest by a group called Direct Action Everywhere Pinellas which says it opposes eating meat or any animal products.

Footage shot by a customer showed some protesters wearing chicken and cow masks as they lied on the tiles while others pretended to stab them with bloody knives.

Other protesters carried signs and screamed “animal killers” and “it’s not food” as they protested inside the fast food restaurant. 

One parent, Tina Leacock, filmed part of the protest and shared it on Facebook. 

She said: “I’m all for everyone having their own opinion, but when you come into a place full of children, with a knife in hand and proceed to cut the throats of a person dressed up as a chicken and a cow, all to get a point across, that’s going to far.

“Mind you the knife was fake and the throats of the persons dressed up were protesters. 

“But there were young children there who saw everything happen and couldn’t tell the difference between it being real or fake. 

“If you have a strong opinion on something by all means you have the right to speak on it in a reasonable manner, but shame on you for your actions today.”

Pinellas Park police were eventually called but by the time they arrived all the protesters had fled. 

No arrests have been made. 

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