dog in a cage
dog in a cage

Animal rights group condemned after investigation reveals illegal animal killings

ANIMAL rights activists have been condemned for illegally euthanising cats and dogs.

A shelter in North Carolina, USA , continuously slaughtered, neglected and abused shelter animals in their care, it has been claimed.

The G.C.A.S animal rights activists portrayed themselves as animal lovers, however, the issue raised by the local government officials has destroyed their public claims to be the guardian of animal rights.

The investigation lead by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has revealed that animals did not receive adequate veterinary care and monitoring.

The concerns were also raised about the adequacy of veterinary care and the control of infection diseases among cats and dogs.

In March 2017, Marsha Williams, the former director of the Guilford County Animal Shelter received a 45-day suspended sentence after a state investigation uncovered dozens of examples of animal cruelty and neglect at the facility.

Williams is now banned to run or volunteer for an animal shelter or rescue organization, or set foot on property owned by any organization dedicated to animal welfare.

Two other former shelter employees — Marissa Studivent and Dana Williams-King — are awaiting court dates in for related animal cruelty charges.

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