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Council chiefs have turned down a demand by PETA to ban meat at its meetings./ Picture source: Smoking Meat

“We won’t ban meat,” council bosses tell PETA

COUNCIL chiefs have turned down a demand by PETA to ban meat at its meetings.

No-nonsense councillors in Australia’s northern Queensland said they had no plans to stop serving meat because most people still like eating it.

The Douglas Shire Council’s deputy mayor, Abigail Noli, trashed PETA’s suggestion of a vegan menu, saying that it’s important for people to be able to make independent decisions when it comes to their diets.

She said: “I believe people have the right to make their own choices. It’s as simple as that.

“What I think about a vegan or vegetarian diet is irrelevant, but I will defend people’s rights to make those choices.”

She also stated that PETA should concentrate its efforts on educating the public about animal welfare, rather than trying to convert councils go vegan.

She added: “When people make up their minds willingly, I think it actually becomes a longer term decision.”

Julia Leu, the Douglas Shire Mayor said that the council has no intention of banning meat, but it has sought to expand its range of dietary preferences and requirements when catering for council events.

Leu stated:  “This practice ensures we are able to meet the culinary needs of our diverse population and often provides an opportunity to showcase our wonderful local produce.”

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