Vegans force petting zoo for kids to close

Groovin the Moo
ANIMAL rights activists left the children disappointed after they pressured a music festival to cancel a harmless petting zoo.

Groovin’ the Moo music festival is a youth-orientated event and as a part of the day’s frivolities holds a petting zoo outside its venue so festival- goers can enjoy the countryside spirit on the way in.

The attraction does not promote animal cruelty and only allows people to pet animals for six hours. For some youngsters it’s the only opportunity to interact with animals.

An online petition started by a vegan demanded festival organisers scrap the petting zoo because it promoted “animal abuse” and was “completely unethical and unnecessary”.

It stated that animals would be “enclosed in and thrust directly into a thousand drunk people with loud music”.

Despite festival organisers attempts to explain the situation and clarify concerns, AR activists refused to back down.

After the petition had gained 2500 signatures, organisers had to cancel the attraction.

A Groovin’ the Moo spokesperson said:

“While we had the best of intentions, we understand your concerns and so we have decided not to go ahead with it.”

“We love animals just as much as you and would never do anything to put them in harm’s way,”

“A petting zoo operator relies on their animals being clean, friendly and well-presented to earn a living. They wouldn’t deliberately put them in a situation they thought dangerous because they’d be hurting their livelihoods.”

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