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Vegan mother sacrifices her children’s health in the name of animal welfare

A VEGAN mother is being forced to vaccinate her two children after the High Court overruled that she continuously failed to provide them with a basic healthcare.
The boys aged two and four were fed vegan products and never got vaccinated, as their vegan mother is opposed to modern medicine.


The mother says: ‘It is not natural to be injected with metal elements and as a vegan it goes against my beliefs for my children to be injected with something that is grown on animal cells or something that has been tested on animals.’

She added: ‘Their bodies are as free of toxins as I can possibly make them.’

But the boys’ father said the mother was obsessive, over-protective and narrow-minded, and called on the court to order both children to have routine vaccinations.

While the mother had tried to get a medical expert to appear in court to back up her views, she failed to find one.

The judges have supported the claim and ruled out that parents should primarily act in the interest of both children’s well-being and the general public’s health.

The boys will be given injections against such diseases as: diphtheria, polio, meningitis, measles, mumps and rubella.

Children are vaccinated under the terms of the 1989 Children Act, which states that the court can over-rule a parent in a case involving child welfare.

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