The Vegan Vandals, Hatfield
The Vegan Vandals in Hatfield / source:

Activists called The Vegan Vandals are defacing countryside beauty spots

A group of activists called The Vegan Vandals is behind a string of graffiti attacks.

The group has targeted nature reserves and open spaces, leaving messages such as “not your mum, not your milk” and “I stopped drinking cow’s milk when I realised I wasn’t a baby cow”.

One message in Ellenbrook Fields, Hatfield, Herts read: “Do you love animals? So why do you eat them? The Vegan Vandals.”

The attackers always sign off as “The Vegan Vandals”.
The Vegan Vandals, Ellenbrook Fields
Around 15 sites have been targeted with marker pens around East Herts, Broxbourne, Hatfield, Welwyn and Potters Bar in the UK.

The graffiti spree has caused anger.

One anonymous objector in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, wrote online:

“We condemn the senseless vandalism committed by The Vegan Vandals.

“Vandalising areas of such beauty, which are largely managed by volunteers, only serves to make people angry and perpetuate stereotypes about vegans that most of us try so hard to disprove.”

Local Vegan groups have condemned the group and distanced themselves from the activists.

Representatives from Hertfordshire Animal Rights, Herts Vegetarians & Vegans, and Hertfordshire Chicken Save have prepared a statement insisting the vigilantes do not represent the majority of vegans.The Vegan Vandals, Ellenbrook Fields

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