Teenager cyber bullied by AR activists for providing food for his community

inuit losing seal hunt

A TEENAGER was cyber bullied by an animal rights activist after he legally harpooned and harvested a bowhead whale.

Paul Watson, the founder of Greenpeace, has been cyber-attacking a 16-year old for providing food for 680 Siberian Yupik people.

Known for his violent tactics, Watson was banned from the organisation that he founded for terrorism and pirating.

He was expelled from the leadership of Greenpeace by a vote of 11 to one after the group felt his strong, “front and center” personality and frequently voiced opposition to Greenpeace’s interpretation of “nonviolence”.

Now, he has been attacking a teenager for providing food for his community in Gambell, Alaska.
inuit losing seal hunt
The Yupik community spokesperson said:

“I would not want to be terrorized over my culture and would like to at least end the attacks on Chris. ”

“I know what it is like to be raised in a remote community that relies on subsistence whaling – I am from the #Inupiaq community, Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska. My favorite food is maktak, ask my family.”

The island is not accustomed to Western customs and people have to rely on a culture and tradition to meet their ends.

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