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SICK animal rights protestors reacted with glee after the flagship UK Canada Goose store was ram-raided by robbers./ Picture source: The Independent

Smug activists gloat after Canada Goose flagship store is ram-raided

SICK animal rights protestors reacted with glee after the flagship UK Canada Goose store was ram-raided by robbers.

PETA has campaigned against the store for selling coyote fur and its supporters took to Twitter to joke about the raid in London’s Regent Street.

A violent 10-strong gang riding mopeds escaped with thousands of pounds worth of coats after windows were smashed in and shoppers left shaken.

But activists on Twitter said it was “karma” and that the store “deserved it”.

One person, tweeting under the name @231Tally, said she was “happy about the window smash”.

In a further post, she wrote: “LOOOOOL apparentlyCanada Goose had their London store window smashed in and stock stolen last night #Karma.”

And @C_Anderson1988, said: “Canada Goose store ram-raided last night, tons of stuff stole. Take that, f*******!”

“If you want to grossly peddle cruelty you deserve it,” another person wrote.

The Canadian brand, which sells luxury winter clothing, has faced attack from PETA for selling parka jackets featuring a trim made from coyote fur.

PETA claims the animals are caught in the wild in steel traps.

Hundreds of demonstrator have targeted the flagship London store since its opening in November, 2017, promoting a strong police presence to protect shoppers and staff.

Hordes of protesters gathered outside the shop at its grand opening holding posters with slogans reading “fur is murder”, “blood on your hands” and “is your vanity worth your suffering?”

Canada Goose said PETA had got its facts wrong.

A spokesman said: “PETA and other animal activists are grossly misinformed about our animal welfare practices.

“Canada Goose remains deeply committed to the responsible use and ethical sourcing of all animal materials in our products.

“While we respect their opinion and right to protest, we are appalled by their extreme, inexcusable behaviour and unsurprised by their attempt to capitalise on media attention tied to the opening of our store in London.”

The London store is the first to open in the UK and is its largest in Europe.

Canada Goose is already stocked by retailers including Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

Its London store is the first to be opened in the UK and the largest in Europe.

Jackets range in price from around £650 to more than £1,000.

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