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Kim Kardashian has snubbed Pamela Anderson’s pleas for her to ditch fur./ Picture source: Business Insider

Self confessed part-time vegan Pamela Anderson ignored by Kim Kardashian 

Kim Kardashian has snubbed Pamela Anderson’s pleas for her to ditch fur.

The former Baywatch actress, asked the 36-year-old reality TV star to stop wearing fur, leather, feathers and suede.

But despite Anderson’s best attempts to drag extra attention to the issue of animal rights, her request has so far been completely ignored.

The 50-years-old star appeared on the UK breakfast show “Good Morning Britain” and said: “Girl to girl, I think Kim has a great heart and I know she’s a great influencer.

“I wrote Kim Kardashian a letter and I spoke to her at fashion week.

“No response yet. I talk to Melania [Trump], many people that are in the public eye, to dress more compassionately because you’re a role model.”

Anderson describes herself a ‘nasty vegan’ who still has meat cravings and falls off the wagon.

She said: “I’m a naughty vegan. I try not to, but I’m not a dictator. I try to do the best I can. If you eat less meat, you’re doing something better for the planet.”

The actress, who has been an active PETA advocate for more than 20 years, has taken part in hundreds of shocking animal rights campaigns all over the world.

She has stripped off and taken part in protests.

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