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PETA has been slammed for saying eating bacon is as unhealthy as smoking./ Picture source: Youtube

Pigs might fly – now Peta wants a tax on bacon!

PETA has been slammed for saying eating bacon is as unhealthy as smoking.

It called for a tobacco-style tax on rashers in Australia a bid to end bacon consumption.

But the call went down like a led-ballon in the country – one of the world’s biggest meat eaters.

The Treasurer of the Australian Government Scott Morrison was outraged.

He said: “First the PC brigade want to take our statues, now they want to take our bacon! Pigs might fly.

“We are not going to let these political activists into your fridge or your pantry.”

Australian Pork Limited CEO Andrew Spencer was equally scathing, calling PETA’s idea “crazy” and “not even worth considering”.

He said: “Any reasonable person knows comparing eating bacon to smoking is a ridiculous comparison.”

Peta’ associate director in Australia Ashley Fruno made the bizarre demand.

She pointed to the World Health Organisation’s classification of processed meats as carcinogenic.

“In an effort to become healthier – not to mention more sensible – shouldn’t we raise taxes on the other cancer-causing substances we put in our mouths?” she said.

“Adding an excise on processed meats to match the tobacco tax would at least tip the scales towards a healthier, cleaner and kinder future for Australia.”

According to Meat and Livestock Australia, the average Australian aged two and above eats 4.7 grams of bacon a day.

Australia was named the world’s biggest meat-eater in 2015, overtaking countries such as the US and Argentina.

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