An animal rights activist stole a pig from a farm and posted images of the crime on Facebook./ Picture source: Youtube

PIGNAPPED 2 – activist steals pig in second porker kidnapping

AN ANIMAL rights activist stole a pig from a farm and posted images of the crime on Facebook.

Wesley Omar, 22, from the Midlands in the UK claimed he was giving the pig a second chance at life after “liberating” it from an accredited pig farm and driving it away in his car.

But the fate of the pig following the kidnapping was unclear and it was feared it will not be able to survive in the wild.

The culprit didn’t reveal to name of the farm and it was unclear if the incident had been reported to police.

On his Facebook video, Omar is seen picking up the terrified animal who he called a “beautiful individual” and exclaiming: “We’re going to do this, little piggy!”

The animal is last seen running in a field but it was unclear if it will be able to survive long without the regular food and veterinary care it’s used to.


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Omar, who claims to work for the RSPB Midlands added: “This is for the innocent animals around the world that are awaiting their murder due to peoples filthy greed.

“I will not stop fighting for pigs until the cruelty, exploitation and murder stops! I will give it everything I have, I will dedicate my life to the vulnerable and innocent.”

It’s not the first time animal rights activists have kidnapped pigs.

Farm Sanctuary animal rights group released six pigs from the wild in America because they also thought they could give them a better life.

The extraordinary case emerged after the animals were spotted aboard a boat after being kidnapped from a remote island in a military-style operation.

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