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Airline bosses have turned down a request by PETA to ban meat. /Picture source: Air India

PETA snubbed by airlines in India over veggie meals request

AIRLINE bosses have turned down a request by PETA to ban meat.

Air India said it had no plans to deny passengers a full meat and vegetarian menu.

It said it already served vegetarian-only food in economy class – as a cost cutting measure – but would not be banning meat altogether.

When PETA heard the airline served Veggie dishes in some economy seats it urged all airlines in India to go full veggie.

But Air India and other companies turned them down flat.

Air India spokesperson Ashwani Lohani stressed it veggie policy was an attempt to rationalise cost.

She said: “We have realised that this will reduce wastage to a great extent because we carry extra vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. 

Serving one type of meal to passengers in economy class will also make the job of crew members simpler.”

Activists had claimed that meat, egg and diary production is one of the leading causes of climate change and causes severe drought and heat wave.

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