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PETA has caused fury by targeting children in a new ad campaign in America./ Picture source: Spectrum News

PETA roasted over turkey campaign

PETA has caused fury by targeting children in a new ad campaign in America.

The animal rights group has asked children to stop eating turkey and talk to their parents about going vegan.

But four posters in Rochester, Minesota, carrying an anti-turkey message, have angered parents.

The billboards feature a turkey and read: “I’m me, not meat.” Adding, “Kids: Ask your parents about going vegan.”

One resident said: “ PETA needs to stop. I take my kids hunting so they can experience the outdoors, exercise and be closer to the nature.”

PETA has timed the campaign to coincide with America’s November Thanksgiving celebrations when families traditionally eat turkey.

The poster also failed to have the desired effect on other locals.

Resident Bill Scott said: “The billboard actually made me hungry, so I went through the kfc drive on my way home. I explained to my son that these chickens were raised for food and we both enjoyed it!

“I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. It’s my favourite holiday. Moms’ turkey and riced potatoes with gravy. I’m thankful to be on top of the food chain!”

A PETA spokesperson said: “What’s our goal? To spark a family dialog about going vegan by letting children know that animals are individuals who shouldn’t be carved up and eaten on Thanksgiving or any other day of the year.”

Focusing on kids is the latest tactics by PETA.

Just a few months ago it staged a clown-inspired protest in Philippines aimed at children in the hope of promoting its vegan agenda.

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