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Peta has been ordered to pay $49,000 to a family after it seized its family dog and killed it./ Picture source: Yahoo News

PETA pays out $49,000 after illegally killing family dog

PETA has been ordered to pay $49,000 to a family after it seized its family dog and killed it.

Maya, the chihuahua, was a family pet which was doted on by their nine-year-old daughter.

PETA agreed to pay $500 for the violation of a state law and an additional $49,000 to avoid the embarrassing trial, in which the family lawyers had threatened to question PETA on its barbaric euthanasia policy.

PETA has also agreed to donate $2,000 to a local branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in honour of Maya, the dog they killed.

Maya, the perfectly healthy and adored animal ended up being euthanised by so-called animal lovers the same day she was caught, which was a violation of a state law that requires a five-day grace period.

William H Shewmake, the family’s attorney said: “The Zarates felt that the settlement reflects the grievous loss of their beloved Maya. And it allows the Zarates to bring some closure to a very painful chapter of their lives. They’re glad the case has been settled.”


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Wilbur Zarate holding a picture of Maya


The legal outcome ends an attempt to put PETA on trial for euthanising hundreds of animals each year.

PETA has expressed their sincere apologies to the family, saying that the Maya incident, which happened in 2014, was a “terrible accident”.

Mark Oaten, CEO of the International Fur Federation, said: “This case highlights the utter hypocrisy of PETA, who claim to be animal lovers and yet spend thousands of pounds on exterminating family pets. Animals, which are doted upon by families and especially children, who are left devastated and bereft.
“And all these lives are being sacrificed to a pay homage to PETA’s twisted notion that animals should never be kept as pets.
“Sadly, many millions of pounds are donated annually to PETA by genuine animal lovers who would be mortified if they realised this abhorrent practice was being carried out.”

Back in 2016, figures from the Center for Consumer Freedom revealed that 1,411 cats and dogs died in Virginia at the hands of PETA activists, who claimed to be collecting money for animal welfare.

An inspection of animal custody records conducted in 2010 by a VDACS veterinarian discovered that 84 percent of animals PETA “saved” were killed within 24 hours. PETA has even bought a walk-in freezer where it stores the bodies in trash bags.

Since 1998, thirty six thousand animals became victims of PETA’s slaughterhouse.

While people expected their hard-earned cash to be put to a good use, PETA on average killed 1,895 animals per year.

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