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DR WHO fans were baffled after Peta called on Dr Who’s BBC bosses to turn the famous time traveller vegan./ Picture source: CultBox

PETA goes bananas – it demands the BBC make Dr Who a vegan!

DR WHO fans were baffled after PETA called on Dr Who’s BBC bosses to turn the famous time traveller vegan.

Real fans know the eccentric doctor is already a vegetarian whose favourite food is fish fingers and custard.

In fact the doctor is known to love bananas, jelly babies, seaweed truffles and Jammie Dodgers.

But not meat!

Despite his sweet tooth and love of children’s treats PETA has now written to the show’s new boss Chris Chibnall demanding he turns the doc vegan in the next series.

“Eating dead animals simply doesn’t fit with the Doctor’s moral compass,” wrote Elisa Allen, the director of the animal rights organisation.

The move has left PETA with egg on its face with die-hard fans accusing them of simply not being in tune with the show.

One fan said: “Are they serious?” get real PETA – its a TV show

“And everyone knows the doc lives on fish fingers and custard anyway!”

The famous character will be played by actress Jodie Whittaker in the next keenly anticipated series.

Whittaker will become the first ever female Doctor when she makes her debut in the Christmas special which will see current Doctor Peter Capaldi bow out.

Vegetarians don’t eat meat, poultry or seafood, but unlike vegans can have some animal products like milk in their diet.

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