Animal rights group PETA faced an online backlash after a protest against fashion designer Michael Kors flopped./ Picture source: Yahoo

PETA comes under fire after disrupting talk by top fashion designer Michael Kors

ANIMAL rights group PETA faced an online backlash after a protest against fashion designer Michael Kors flopped.

The group came in for fierce criticism after Kors handled the protest with quiet dignity leaving angry protesters looking like bullies.

They gate-crashed a talk by the designer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to protest his use of fur.

About 20 protesters interrupted the event as Kors was being interviewed on stage.

Ten minutes into the talk protesters hidden in the audience invaded the stage and started to chant “Michael Kors has blood on his hands” and “Fur trade is death trade”.

But Kors remained unruffled and waited for the protest to fizzle out.

He quickly realised what was going on and simply said:  “Okay.”

One of the protesters can be seen getting aggressively close to Kors’ face.

But he stayed calm, merely shaking his head and warning: “Get away from me.”

The aggressive tactics failed to cause any panic and the talk resumed after a 10 minute interruption.

People who watched video of the protest online took the fashion designer’s side against the activists.

Yungxkey said on Instagram: “This is why y’all are a big joke.”

And Lucas_Marlatt added: “Wow…so rude.”

Lizzie_McGrath added: “Ur taking oxygen away from animals with all ur whining.”

Met staff ushered the protesters out of the auditorium after the brief interruption.

Kors remained unshaken after the protest and simply said “It’s fashion” before continuing with the talk which was held in June.

Afterwards, Mark Oaten, global chief executive officer of the International Fur Federation, condemned the bullying tactics of the activists.

He said: “Screaming and yelling animal activists will not stop Michael Kors or his millions of customers from expressing their right to choose what they wear.

“Their bullying aggressive and disturbing tactics have no place in a world where there is already too much violence — and certainly not in the fashion world.”

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