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PETA president Ingrid Newkirk has refused to take part in a TV debate with a top fur boss./ Picture source: Metro US

Peta boss chickens out of head to head TV challenge with fur chief

PETA president Ingrid Newkirk has refused to take part in a TV debate with a top fur boss.

Mark Oaten, the CEO of the International Fur Federation, invited Newkirk to take part in a talk on fur in the fashion industry.

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Mark Oaten

But the animal rights activist, who continually snipes at the fur industry on social media and through Peta campaigns, chickened out of the challenge and fell silent.

The International Fur Federation proposed a TV-style debate chaired by a well known news anchor.

Oaten said he wanted an intelligent discussion of the issues around the industry instead of the the usual petty point-scoring which characterises Peta’s numerous campaigns.

But requests by the IFF for Newkirk to take part were met with silence.

Oaten’s London team not only sent several emailed invitations to Newkirk they also had several phone conversations with her staff at Peta’s HQ in Norfolk, Virginia.

But Newkirk simply didn’t respond.

Oaten said: “It seems Ingrid Newkirk is more interested in carrying out publicity stunts than taking part in an informed debate.

“What has she got to hide?

“The debate would be filmed by an independent company and an unedited version would be available to both PETA and the IFF.

“The aim would be to give a good airing to both sides of the debate for use across social media and beyond in order to generate a meaningful public discussion about the issue of using fur in fashion.

“Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will happen.”

Newkirk was finally asked if she would like one of her Peta colleagues to stand in for her.

Ingrid Newkirk , real faces of animal rights, PETA , IFF
Ingrid Newkirk


Still silence.

It’s a far cry from the the usual posturing of the publicity-hungry Newkirk who even posed naked earlier this year to grab public attention.

She stripped off at a London abattoir and was pictured next to meat carcasses for the anti-meat protest.

Oaten added: “This would have been a good opportunity for the public to see both sides of the issue.

“Unfortunately Ingrid and Peta are only interested in their own side.

“Ingrid is never shy to get over her own views in any way she sees fit but she is running scared when faced with a serious challenge to debate them.”

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