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Rodeo bosses defied a bid by two separate groups of activists to close them down./ Picture source: LaPresse

Rodeo chiefs refuse to giver in to activists and the show goes on

RODEO bosses defied a bid by two separate groups of activists to close them down.

An urban rodeo in Canada went ahead as planned despite the heavy-handed tactics in which the two groups ganged up against the popular event.

The Nomadfest Rodeo marking the 375th anniversary of the city of Montreal attracted thousands of people.

The activists – the Association Terriens and the Kebek Animal Rights Association held vigils in an attempt to halt the rodeo but were ignored by organisers and the public.

They claimed that the rodeo puts animals in dangerous situations.

Sylvain Bourgeois, a Nomadfest producer, was quick to oppose the claim, stating that none of the equipment used causes animals pain or discomfort.

He said: “Animals are well taken care of and are not harmed in the rodeo activities.

“Animals are taught to buck when a rider is on them from a young age, with the use of a dummy at first.

“We don’t want to hurt them. We want them to perform so we make sure they like what they’re doing.”

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre backed organisers and insisted the show went ahead as planned.

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