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Peta wants to convert the home of late children’s author E.B White into a “pig empathy museum”. / Picture source: WGME

Peta bid to hijack the memory of one of America’s best-loved children’s authors

Peta wants to convert the home of late children’s author E.B White into a “pig empathy museum”.

Officials at the group say the home of author who penned Charlotte’s Web should be given to them free – even though it is worth $3.7million.

White’s best known book “Charlotte’s Web” is about farm animals who talk to each other and  features a pig named Wilbur.

The 1952 book is one of the bestselling children’s books of all time and has been made in to many movies.

But Peta now wants the historic 44 acre farm in Maine, US, to become a shrine to none-meat eaters.

It says it plans to have vegan cafe offering veggie sausages and vegan food.

“E.B. White’s portrayal of a pig named Wilbur inspired people all over the world to take a closer look at the animals they consider to be ‘food’ and go vegan,” Peta President Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement.“A Peta museum in his historic farmhouse would help visitors see that every pig is ‘some pig,’ an intelligent individual and not a collection of sausages, bacon, and chops.”

But the move would appear to be yet another cynical attempt to gain publicity by Peta and seems doomed to fail.

The house is being offered for sale by its current owners, Robert and Mary Gallant through estate agent Martha Dischinger at Blue Hill’s Downeast Properties.

Newkirk sent Dischinger a letter asking that “the owners convert the home into an empathy museum for pigs, complete with a vegan café offering veggie sausages, vegan BLTs, and more.”

Apparently Peta has received no reply.

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