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Publicity-seeking activists have compared the slaughter of animals for food to the WWll holocaust./ Picture source: The Society Pages

Notorious 269life group compares animal slaughter to holocaust

PUBLICITY-seeking activists have compared the slaughter of animals for food to the WWll holocaust.

Members of the notorious 269life group, whose members brand their bodies using hot cattle irons, made the claim.

Sixty activists covered in fake blood staged a “bloody” demonstration in the Czech Republic capital of Prague.

One protestor carried a banner reading: “Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they’re only animals.”

The activists gave the appearance of being naked by wearing flesh-coloured underwear.

Tourists visiting the historic city were shocked by the tactics of the protestors.

A spokesman for the infamous group said: “The slaughtering of farm animals resembled the killing of people in a war.

“We want to point out that the life of animals is of the same value as human life.”

In the past activists from the group have used a hot iron to brand their bodies with 269 to protest the practice of branding farm animals.

They also held a commemorative meeting for the victims of “the egg industry”.

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