A newly formed NGO has pledged to expose the lies and doctrines of animal rights activists./ Picture source: behance.net

New NGO vows to take on animal rights activists

A NEWY formed NGO has pledged to expose the lies and doctrines of animal rights activists.

The True Green Alliance was formed in South Africa to “re-educate the world” on wildlife management.

It said it chief aim is to destroy the credibility of animal rights activists.

President and conservationist Ron Thomson said: “It is impossible to convince anyone of the pernicious effects that animal rights extremists have on the earth’s living resources.

“The animal rights doctrine advocates the total abolition of all animal uses by man and promotes absolute veganism.

“The TGA proposes that it be the opposing team based in Africa and was created for just that purpose.

“The TGA’s position statement on the animal rights doctrine leaves no doubt that here is no place in any civilised society for the animal rights doctrine

“The animal rightists cannot achieve their objectives without violating the legitimate rights of other people and the animal rights doctrine is incompatible with the principles and practices of science-based wildlife management and conservation.”

The not-for-profit organisation says that it is aiming to have global impact but initially will focus its operations in South Africa.

To date the TGA has obtained pledges of financial support from the three major hunting associations in South Africa:  the South African Wildlife Ranchers’ Association; the Private Rhino Owners Association; and from several individuals.

Thompson is a leading wildlife, conservation and hunting author.

He has a long history in wildlife conservation and in fighting against animal rights extremism.

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