Teenage girl horrified after finding a surprise AR message on her supermarket meal

Leah Mallet, Morrisons, Animal Rights

ANIMAL  rights activists left a teenage girl horrified when they stuck a picture of a cow about to be slaughtered at the front of her supermarket meal.

The disturbing picture carried the message : “I wanted to live”, hoping to make the youngster feel guilty about eating her snack.

A teenager felt sick and threatened when she discovered the “horrible” sticker underneath her Morrisons product. She said the message made her feel “really horrible” and was an “aggressive guerilla tactic”.

She said:

“It made me feel sick. I didn’t really feel I wanted to eat it after that.”

“I have seen and understand people’s opinions on eating meat. But doing something like that is almost like emotional blackmailing.”

Leah Mallett, was at work when she found the bizarre animal rights message. Shortly after the unwanted discovery she called her boss Charlotte Eldon to take a look.

Ms Eldon said:

“It was very chocking, but also a very aggressive way to get their [AR] message across.”

“I didn’t know what it was at first. When I picked it up and realised it was a cow I threw it back down.”

“I was scared, almost. I think it was the picture of the cow and how they had written their message.

It’s believed that the sticker was attached while the pack was sitting on a shelf in the store.

Morrisons issued a formal letter of apology to Leah and her family after they complained about the unwanted sticker on the meal.

A Morrisons spokesperson said:

“Somebody has put a sticker for their campaign on the outside of the product in one of our stores. It doesn’t appear to be  wider issue than that.”

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