Types of Fur, Real Faces of Animal Rights

The Freedom Correspondent: Let me wear fur-for fur sake

I love fur. I am utterly and hopelessly in love with this glamorous and regal material. Why shouldn’t I be?

Let me tell you right away, nothing else in my wardrobe has the power to brighten up my mood on the darkest of days.

I am not new to fur. It’s been my favorite material for as long as I can remember, but there is one thing I’ve noticed recently. I no longer get the same buzz when it comes the time to pull out my fluffy collection.

Living and working in London I have for a long time accepted the fact that my fur obsession is heavily judged by most parts of society. (Even though it’s 2017, and we are encouraged to express ourselves. Oh well…)

While in my opinion we would be much better off not having to deal with animal rights activists, I’m not attempting to change their views. I do not care if someone disagrees with my choices, I don’t need to be a part of a crowd.

I once had the pleasure to be confronted by an animal rights activist. This ordinary looking lady on the bus turned out to be a complete nightmare when she refused to sit next to me because I was wearing a bright-orange fox coat. Things got even worse when she screamed: “I am not sitting next to a dead animal”.

I clearly remember her wearing leather shoes… Yelling about animals being mistreated at fur farms she was more contradicting herself rather than making me ashamed of my choices. I did not feel sorry.

Her freedom of choice, you could ask? Or her stupidity? I think a bit of both. An unremarkable situation, but trust me, I’ve never looked at fur the same way ever again.

I still love this material, but I definitely feel more restricted wearing it. I don’t feel as free in fur as I did before.

That day I tried my best to understand how my banal bus commute to work could become an assault on the individual? Aren’t we living in the 21st century where we no longer have to justify our choices?

Looking back at it now, I regret not having enough courage to speak up for myself. What makes animal rights activists think they can terrorize people for their legitimate choices?

Nowadays, I quite regularly get an impression that many people would actually love to wear fur, but are running scared.

How things have changed since PETA has started to enforce their views on society, de-glamorising something that was once considered to be the symbol of wealth and elegance.

If you are at least twenty-odd years of age you surely remember the world’s top supermodels posing naked for a series of anti-fur adverts?

“We’d rather go naked than wear fur”-was the slogan of those who were perfectly happy to march down red carpets wearing other animal products, but just not fur.

Feel free to call it a hypocrisy, but animal rights activists make a business out of it. It’s their freedom of choice… I suppose.

Have you ever wondered why one’s decision to wear fur is not treated with the same nonchalance as one’s decision to be a vegan?

What’s the difference? Both cases reflect your right to choose- so why cant you choose fur over vegetables?

While me wearing fur may not be taken well by some, I have decided for myself where I stand when it comes to it.

Vogue editor Anna Wintour has been a long advocate of fur in spite of a barrage of attacks.

Her secret to success? – She does not explain herself twice.

We no longer have to apologise for wearing fur. If that’s what we like- let’s own it.



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