The Freedom Correspondent: Animal rights activists- who are they?

Every day presents us with so many choices, we often take them for granted.

Have an espresso for breakfast or indulge in a whipped- cream cappuccino? Hit the gym for a cardio session or a hot yoga class? Those choices-even the smallest ones empower us in our day-to-day lives.

Sounds good, right? Now try and picture your life without all those options. Imagine you can only take the option you are given…

Hand on heart, that’s my worst nightmare. I definitely had enough mothering as a child, and there is no way as an adult I am changing my lifestyle. I’m free to choose.

I am a 90’s child. When I grew up, milk and dairy were considered to be vital parts of a healthy diet. My dear mother would probably send me for a hospital check-up if I came home with ideas of veganism or animal rights.

I first heard about the animal rights movement in my early 20’s when I got attacked over my fur coat.

That was the occasion I got to know the real face of animal rights activists. It wasn’t that pleasant.

Unfortunately, over the years this surprisingly extremist movement has become even more popular. A growing cohort is being brainwashed with the ideas of animal rights or veganism.

On a day-to-day basis we are often exposed to just one side of an argument not leaving any room to form our own opinion.

Let’s be honest with ourselves- how many times have we seen media portraying meat-eaters or fur-wearers in a negative light? It is so frequent that some of us stopped noticing it.

While I chose to brush animal rights propaganda off, there are people vulnerably accepting it. It’s not their choice but it’s what they are actively submitting to.

It’s hard to imagine someone would willingly support people whose ideas of animal rights are near fatal to the ideas that normal people hold.

Horseracing, pets, guide dogs and zoos seem normal to us, but not to them.

The real crime of most animal rights organisations is that they turn the concept of animal rights into a money making machine. They try hard to win supporters, so they can hoover up legacies and donations.

Organisations such as PETA, HSUS and ALF permit no freedom of choice because it does not line up with their long-term millionaire plans.

You wear fur? – It’s barbaric. You eat meat? – How dare you. You have a pet animal?- it’s cruel. Has it ever made you wonder why you should do what makes them happy, not what makes you happy?

Let’s clarify once and for all- animal rights organisations such as PETA aren’t interested in your freedom of choice or the humane treatment of animals. They’re in favour of animal liberation, and that’s very different.

Activists see themselves as modern-day revolutionaries, destroying facilities, violating human rights, euthanizing animals, closing down legitimate animal sanctuaries and stealing beloved pets from their owners. All in the name of animal rights, not animal welfare.

Is it what you would really choose to support?


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