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Field sports bosses took the sting out of an animal rights protest by serving up cups of tea to activists./ Picture source: Hertfordshire County Council

Field sports protest is none-event after protestors are served tea and kindness

FIELD sports bosses took the sting out of an animal rights  protest by serving up cups of tea to activists.

They had converged on the annual Game Fair in Hatfield, Herts in the UK.

But organisers responded by  listening to their points of, treating them with civility and offering them hot mugs of tea and water for their dogs.

Around 20 animal rights activists from Hertfordshire Animal Rights, greeted visitors to the Fair with banners and signs at the main entrance on July 29.

The protest was organised with the help of national organisation Animal Aid and in coordination with the police.

The Game Fair’s managing director James Gower said:

“After being alerted about the protesters outside the front gates our security team took them tea, bottles of water and bowls of water for their dogs.

“We always welcome the opportunity for debate.

“The Game Fair is the ideal place to learn more about hunting, shooting and fishing and its place within a sustainable countryside – we welcome everyone from all walks of life to visit the three-day event.”

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