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Top agricultural bosses have warned that activists are switching their tactics./ Picture source: The Irish Times

Farm bosses warn of tactics switch by activists

TOP agricultural bosses have warned that activists are switching their tactics.

Animal rights groups are now focusing on big companies and brands instead of individual farms.

Senior officials from the Animal Agricultural Alliance, which represents the interests of animal farmers in the US, said it was a worrying trend.

Hannah Thompson-Weeman, the vice president of communications said: “There tends to be less under-cover video being shot on farms because mainstream media is less interested in this type of video.

“But if activists can tie the video to a household brand name or a company, the activist groups will use it to pressure the company.

“It’s the quickest way for them to get attention”.

The organisation’s CEO Kay Johnson Smith added: “Make no mistake, their goal remains the same- to end all forms of animal agriculture, regardless of how well animals are cared for.

“Their persistent focus on pressure campaigns targeting restaurant, retail and food service brands is of great concern to the alliance and our members.”

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