Tyrannosaurus rex

” I love animals”- says animal rights activist after brutally scaring carriage horses

AN ANIMAL rights activist is facing cruelty charges after she dressed up as a dinosaur and scared two horses pulling a carriage of tourists.


Nicole Wells, 26, jumped in front of the carriage dressed up like a Tyrannosaurus rex and growled at the horses in South Carolina, US.


Distressed animals yanked the carriage, causing injuries to the driver’s leg as the carriage rolled over it.


The animal rights activist stayed nearby for a few minutes watching the man fall before running away.


The driver, Van Sturgeon said: “I screamed at her three times to get out of there. The person in the suit did not move.”


Mr. Sturgeon added: “Animal rights activists are becoming increasingly brazen in protesting against the rides in South Carolina.”


Carriage owner Tom Doyle has now asked for restraining orders against some animal rights activists.


He said there has been an increase in activists disturbing carriage tours, harassing horses and performing things that are dangerous to both people and animals.


Doyle said: “We see the attacks getting more and more brazen. This is Charleston, the most polite city in America. We need to come together and say enough is enough.’


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