Bouglione circus lorry

Animal rights activists attempt to release animals from a traveling circus

ANIMAL rights activists failed in their attempt to release circus animals from a traveling circus.

A group of individuals entered the circus enclosure in Charleroi, Belgium spraying offensive graffiti on the Bouglione circus premises and attempting to open animal cages.

Activists were later forced to return back to a car as their loud activity woke up troupe members.

The circus director, Alexandre Bouglione, said that he is extremely worried about the incident.

He said: “Yesterday morning we saw that our signs had been covered in graffiti.

“The perpetrators had used it to indicate that all performances have now been cancelled. However, we will actually be in Charleroi until May 21st.

“Last year, a French animal rights organisation was found guilty of similar behaviour.

“Moreover, we have also received hate messages on our Facebook page. Such a crime is a source of concern for us. We do not feel safe and accordingly we have complained to the local police.”

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