activists humiliated women
ANIMAL rights activists humiliated women in their latest campaign to protest against cow exploitation.

Animal rights activists “milked” in the latest campaign to protest cow exploitation

ANIMAL rights activists humiliated women in their latest campaign to protest against cow exploitation.

Four women from the Association against Animal Factories were blindfolded and symbolically linked to a container to be “milked “ while baring their breasts in Vienna, Austria.

Using a slogan “My Mother, My Milk” they later pretended to feed their breast milk to a cut- out poster of a calf.

One of the activists said: “It would be like taking a human, making her pregnant, taking the baby at the first day – taking it away – to drink his milk. It would be the same”

The other animal rights activists added:  “One litre of milk takes one thousand litres of water.”

The bizarre comments were met by fury and incredulity.

One passer-by argued against the activists’ suggestion of soy as an alternative.

 He said: “Soy milk sourced from South America is actually causing environmental damage to the rainforest.”

Social media users were also quick to express their views on the protest.

Abu Huraira said: “These people do not have any work to do? People are starving in Africa and people in Middle East and around the globe are being killed but they are busy with these silly stupid stuff. If you really take care of this world, then protest against real issues that this world is facing.”

Zain Alouche added: “How will this save animals from being tortured? If you are a vegan it doesn’t mean we should all be vegans as well, we humans in general are carnivores not herbivores or vegetarians, meaning we can and must eat meat! It’s our nature. Our great ancestors survived by eating animals and their skins not vegetables!”

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